SwanLeap named #1 fastest-growing company in America for 2018 by Inc. 5000

The leading AI solution in supply chain technology

Through our rapidly deployed, custom implementation of NextGen TMS and auditing services, SwanLeap is using AI and machine learning to automate many of the manual roles in a company’s supply chain.


Unlike other TMS solutions, using Artificial Intelligence, SwanLeap covers the full range of shipping modes. You will have complete control and customization of an easy-to-use software that is more efficient and accurate than all others on the market.


Our team goes through your shipping invoices, for every carrier and mode, to find recoverable charges. We then contact the carriers for you to reclaim the credit you’re owed.


Gain complete visibility and understanding of how your shipments are being made. SwanLeap TMS provides data you can leverage across your supply chain.


Our consulting service ensures that your carrier contracts are negotiated fairly and often to make sure your carrier relationships include all of the terms and conditions you deserve.


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