Out with the old, in with the new.

Why use static business rules that were built with tribal knowledge and crammed into a spreadsheet, when you could be using dynamic, real-time data fueled by Artificial Intelligence?

SwanLeap’s mission follows from one singular premise: corporate supply chain executives do not have the tools to automate optimal supply chain decisions — and are missing the savings that could be achieved from monitoring real-time data.

Many major companies use a “business rules” infrastructure: antiquated business rules decide how orders are processed and handled. Using these old business rules, shippers are limited in what options they are shown and can choose for their shipments – which results in choosing a suboptimal carrier and spending extra money on shipments.

We not only replace technology solutions, but entire departments of ‘supply chain analysts’ and ‘supply chain planners’ to transform companies into fully digital, automated decision making entities using real-time information rather than static 24-month forecasted information to make the best supply chain decision for every single shipment.

SwanLeap’s solution leverages AI to enhance human capabilities with speed and precision, fueling further efficiency across multiple departments.

No successful sports team runs a season without adjusting their playbook. Why would you run your business that way?

Forward-looking companies understand the limitations of rule-based decision making. SwanLeap’s technology is not held back by these outdated rules – instead it gathers data across all modes to show you your options and find you the optimal shipping choice.

Stop sacrificing best practices to the risks of human error and tribal knowledge.

SwanLeap is the future of supply chain technology and the future is now.

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