Entrepreneur shipping coffee
Entrepreneur shipping coffee

What is the greatest problem facing shippers and supply chain managers today? A near total lack of end-to-end visibility. Most supply chain managers don’t have the ability to forecast disruptions to their supply chain because they can’t see what’s happening. IBM conducted a survey revealing that 87% of supply chain managers are unable to predict disruptions and, of those 87%, only 36% tried to do anything to subvert the disruption. In a world where two day delivery is the norm, this kind of supply chain performance is unacceptable. But the most upsetting part of this so-called problem is that it can be easily overcome with control tower visibility.

What do we mean by control tower visibility?

Another piece of software?

A room full of people making calls to check on loads?

Data input via .csv files from carriers?

Emphatically, no!

  1. No more fragmentation: SwanLeap’s approach to control tower begins with a centralized hub for all supply-chain stakeholders, the TMS. Rather than being a glorified label maker, we see the TMS as a dynamic center of the supply chain where all supply chain stakeholders have access to meaningful data. Shipping, accounting, sales, and especially operations can access the portals, live reports, and information they need. SwanLeap’s TMS is completely customizable so each user’s portal is uncluttered, only showing the relevant information.
  2. No more archaic data processes: Without a TMS, data isn’t easy to attain. What if, instead of having to comb through a spreadsheet to locate the information you need, you could pull it up on a dashboard? What if instead of waiting on the printer to spit out enough reports for everyone in the meeting, you simply plugged your computer into the screen and showed everyone the performance of your supply chain in real time? SwanLeap’s TMS can do exactly that, giving you visibility that leads to speed and control.
  3. No more guessing: AI driven recommendations provide insight into your supply chain without the guesswork. This allows you to evaluate where resources are being used inefficiently.

The technology to provide end-to-end visibility to supply chain managers exists. 

There is no reason to rely on fragmented silos of information when the TMS can function as the single source of truth for your entire supply chain. The problem is, supply chain stakeholders are incredibly slow to change. The market is ripe for disruption, consumers demands require an optimized supply chain, but supply-chain stakeholders aren’t excited about innovation. SwanLeap’s solution to this problem is simple; a flexible, infinitely scalable TMS that connects with every existing system and stakeholder in your supply chain to provide you with true visibility, speed, and control.