Introducing the SwanLeap Dock Scheduler

Dock appointments are a crucial part of shipping and logistics. On the shipping side, missed deliveries can cost you money and can damage customer satisfaction. On the receiving side, an efficient yard ensures your carriers and vendors aren’t penalizing you with detention fees. Efficiency When facilities fail to optimize the dock scheduling process, preferring spreadsheets and check calls to more efficient options, one has to wonder why.


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A quick glance at yard management software offerings reveals 3 major problems that stand in the way of implementing a dock scheduler.

  1. Many dock scheduling tools require integrating an entirely new platform. Instead of being integrated into the TMS, dock scheduling software requires another step which can deter efficiency. SwanLeap’s dock scheduler is integrated in the SwanLeap TMS, providing powerful visibility and control over your inbound and outbound. With an integrated dock scheduler every shipment is automatically populated making scheduling simple. You can even schedule loading/unloading at the point of tendering a shipment or consolidate shipments sent via multiple trucks.
  2. Other yard management and dock scheduling platforms rely on manual processes to schedule appointments and manage docks. But what if you could automate this extra step in the scheduling process? With SwanLeap’s dock scheduler you can establish smart dock rules to automatically assign trucks to the correct dock based on shipping or receiving, mode, and equipment type. A truck can be automatically sorted to the correct dock when the shipment is booked, based on information inherent to the tendering process. This level of automation is unique to the SwanLeap dock scheduler.
  3. Finally, other dock scheduling platforms do not offer a singular source of visibility within the TMS. SwanLeap’s dock appointment scheduling software provides you with control tower visibility over every dock in your facility. This level of visibility allows you to forecast dock availability based on cargo type in order to plan resources accordingly. For example, if you know that a truck is only dropping one pallet, there is no need to book a dock for an entire hour. With control tower dock visibility you can forecast the amount of time each truck will need. SwanLeap’s dock dashboard relays dock data in real time with warnings to eliminate detention fees and forecast late arrivals.


The definition of transportation management software is changing. Instead of looking for a way to execute shipments, customers are looking for an all inclusive platform with visibility, speed, and control. SwanLeap is that platform. Transform the way you ship. SwanLeap your supply chain.