Prime Day Success and What It Means for Your Supply Chain

Amazon Prime day started in 2015 to celebrate the Seattle-based e-tail giant’s 20th year giving sitewide discounts to Prime Members. This year, Prime “Day” is really a “two-day parade of epic deals” lasting July 15-16.

Although Amazon doesn’t give out their Prime Day sales figures, they did report on the success of the sale last year. When looking at 36-hour spans, sales surpassed Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and last year’s Prime Day. To keep up with rising e-commerce demands led by events like Prime Day, retailers are using technology to optimize shipments and improve visibility. The use of technology helps businesses gain visibility and control over supply chain operations.

The ever famous Prime Day causes issues for companies who haven’t optimized their supply chains. They need to streamline processes, ship efficiently and increase visibility across their supply chain to keep up with order volume.

Sounds great! How can you do all that?

The key is to have complete visibility and understanding of how your shipments are being made. This can be done by using a Transportation Management System (TMS) with next generation supply chain technology using blockchain, real-time, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. Data from those technologies provide you with shipping intelligence to guide decisions, considerably reducing your shipping costs. For instance, a powerful carrier mode optimization tool saved one company $2,622 in their first two months of using it. On average, SwanLeap clients are experiencing a savings of 26.7% on annual shipping costs.

Amazon has redefined the meaning of order visibility to consumers. To keep up, companies need to take advantage of the latest in supply chain technology to improve visibility for better customer service and more effective operations. SwanLeap is solving supply chain problems with technology by raising the bar on visibility to expand beyond shipment tracking. In real time, SwanLeap Analytics translate big data into meaningful intelligence. Through knowing that every business’ logistics needs are unique, SwanLeap collaborates to create a custom dashboard with precise reporting. As a result, companies are predicting challenges before they happen while knowing the cause

The Future of Supply Chain

Above all, the SwanLeap technology not only connects all departments, but streamlines information through one platform to maximize efforts. This level of visibility is the foundation of accountability and best practices. Instead of operating your business on a fragmented assortment of auxiliary technologies, SwanLeap’s solution places the TMS at the center of the supply chain ecosystem – powered by artificial intelligence and centered on best practices.

Prime Day is certain to continue impacting the supply chain in the years to come. Use the latest in supply chain technology to improve your business processes, delivery, and customer experience so that Prime Day is a win for your company.