Optimizing Efficiency by Utilizing NextGen Technology


Research Products Corporation was founded in 1938 and is based in Madison, Wisconsin with manufacturing facilities in Monroeville, Pennsylvania; and Appleton, Minnesota. They design, develop, manufacture, and distribute indoor air quality solutions for homes and businesses in North America and internationally..


Companies like Research Products Corporation are struggling to stay competitive as supply chain technologies grow into the NextGen solutions today’s market demands. Research Products Corporation, an HVAC supplier, was plagued by inefficiencies and overspending due to their antiquated use of a static routing guide. The rules on their routing guides never changed, but variables such as price were constantly changing. They were also using a mode shift rule to determine whether to ship something parcel or freight based on a weight cut off, all while quoting each shipment manually. This combination was causing missed savings, preventing growth, and wasting their employees’ valuable time and energy.


Research Products Corporation made the bold decision to move beyond TMS and adopt SwanLeap’s NextGen supply chain technology. The company unknowingly had an erroneous rule in place that said they could only ship with a single carrier in a specific region.

Their mode shift rule was locking them into unnecessary shipping costs because of the system’s inability to select a mode without considering weight. SwanLeap’s pre-rating system finds the optimal carrier mode regardless of weight. The pre-rating system allows Research Products Corporation to leverage AI technology to optimize their shipments - generating savings by ignoring the old routing rules, always selecting the cheapest carrier and mode, while also increasing operational efficiencies in the warehouse.


Using SwanLeap’s carrier optimization feature, the company saved almost $10,000 by breaking just two rules. By using SwanLeap’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to utilize direct service points, they saved money without worrying about interlining. Additionally, SwanLeap’s assisted bidding tool, created an immediate $360,000 in annual savings for Research Products. Now, Logistics and Accounting can focus on customers instead of tasks, with confidence in the smart technology driving their supply chain