Increased visibility, speed and control drives success


Rytec Corporation, a leading industrial door manufacturer, was working with a Third Party Logistics (3PL) firm to assist in managing their fulfillment and distribution efforts, executing shipments on their behalf. Rytec corporate offices and manufacturing operations are headquartered in Jackson, Wisconsin, with additional manufacturing operations in Hartford, Wisconsin. As the leading manufacturer of high performance doors, Rytec specializes in large, fast close doors for a variety of applications from automotive dealerships to food and beverage. While leveraging the services of a 3PL simplified Rytec’s internal execution of shipping, they were struggling to achieve the level of visibility, flexibility and control that could take their business to the next level.


Rytec faces unique challenges in shipping due to the oversized dimensions and weight of their products. Their broker was manually sourcing trucks and scheduling deliveries and pickups via phone and email. As a result, Rytec’s options were limited to only the carriers within their broker’s network. Additionally, Rytec lacked visibility into carrier performance, continually incurred additional charges from carriers (detention, reclass and reweigh fees) and lacked automation in executing shipments to the expectations of their customers. Dissatisfied with the service and technology limitations they were receiving from their 3PL provider, Rytec began searching for an alternative solution that would allow them to have a competitive edge in the marketplace in a period of escalating freight costs.


  • Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), SwanLeap was able to automate the broker’s role in Rytec’s supply chain.
  • By directly negotiating Rytec’s rates, SwanLeap removed bloated broker rebates, which are seldom visible to shippers.
  • Ensuring carrier contracts are titled in client’s name enabled Rytec to have the access to carrier data needed to monitor the carrier performance and service quality that Rytec’s customers demanded.
  • Connecting Rytec to an unlimited and ever-growing carrier network provided them with more options helping guarantee best practices for every shipment.
  • SwanLeap leveraged AI to ensure that only providers which can accommodate the service needed for the weight and dimensions of orders were selected to haul Rytec’s shipments.


  • Reduced shipping costs (46.2%)
  • Employee time saved through automation of processes
  • Visibility into carrier performance
  • Increased number of carrier options
  • Stronger carrier relationships

SwanLeap’s technology and supply chain expertise delivered a 46.2% annual savings for Rytec.