Gain control over your yard.

Check out this video tour of SwanLeap’s Dock Scheduler for a first glance at what is possible.



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Video Gallery

In-Depth coverage of SwanLeap’s dock scheduling technology.

The SwanLeap Dock Scheduler – Pt 1

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The SwanLeap Dock Scheduler – Pt 2

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The SwanLeap Dock Scheduler – Pt 3

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Control every delivery and eliminate detention fees with total dock visibility.

Singular Platform

SwanLeap’s dock scheduler and yard management software is included as part of the SwanLeap logistics management software, meaning you can schedule appointments for loading outbound shipments at the point of booking. You can also allow your vendors to schedule dock appointments while booking the inbound shipment.

Complete Control Over Deliveries

Establish dock rules based on mode and special equipment to control which docks can be used for shipping or receiving to make sure trucks get assigned to the right docks.

Live Dock Status Board

View the status of all your docks on the Dock Status Board to see what’s happening in realtime, complete with warnings to prevent detention fees.