Get Rid of Supply Chain Data Silos

The logistics and shipping industries can gather huge amounts of data across the supply chain for useful analytics. But the way this data is stored and shared has not always kept up with these advances in data collection. Lots of times, data is going unshared–a problem known as a data silo. As Project 44 says, to get the most of your data, it’s important to solve this issue of data silos.


What are Data Silos?
Data is considered siloed when it isn’t shared or isn’t accessible beyond a certain department. Siloed data can prevent optimal decision making, which can cost you money. Data silos in logistics are often caused by legacy technology like EDI and recording data using spreadsheets. This data is often not usable for effective analytics and is siloed.


UnSilo-ing Your Data
The best thing to do is to stop data from being siloed going forward. Legacy systems are a big part of the problem of unusable data since they don’t deliver information in real-time.  Using a TMS platform like SwanLeap gives you real-time data transfer so companies can avoid siloing information from the get-go.

The power and usefulness of data analytics are continuously improving. Eliminate data silos in your organization to use the full power of your data– and see results in efficiency and profits.



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