Thank you for your interest in SwanLeap!

Can’t find a current open position that really fits your experience? You’ve arrived. We’re using this open application posting to allow you to tell us what we should consider you for as we keep growing. Make sure to read everything carefully below, and thanks again!

How this works:

Once you submit an application here, a member of our HR team will look at all applications a couple of times a week and make sure to flag your information to be considered when we have an open position that’s right up your alley.

We’re growing a lot, so we love considering people that have already seen the great things that SwanLeap has to offer!

When we have an opportunity that fits your experience, a member of our HR team will contact you.

Things we’d ask of you:

  • We want you to find the right future position that is best suited to your skills and passions, so please make sure you don’t submit an application here if you’ve already applied to an open position.
  • We don’t want both applications to get lost in the shuffle, and that will help us give you a closer look and fair consideration.
  • Make sure you tell us the kind of position you want most and are most qualified for.

Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to making a connection in the future!