Technology for brokers has not evolved since the 90s…

Until now. Imagine managing all of your clients’ shipments in every mode from one single platform that integrates with their existing business systems. As leadership continues to shift to the next generation, archaic practices will be eliminated. Connecting shipper to trucks is not enough – the market is too saturated. For the broker to stay relevant and competitive in today’s market, investing in technology is a requirement. Not just through adopting technology to strengthen your business, but by including technology as part of your value proposition. SwanLeap strengthens your business offering, allowing you to provide industry-leading technology to your clients.

Built with the broker in mind, SwanLeap leverages the latest advancements in technology to continually provide your business with the competitive advantage. Streamline processes and automate tasks to drive greater margins.

SwanLeap makes it easy to support your clients.

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