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ClearView Audit Redefines TMS with Strategic SwanLeap Rebrand

In order to better align with its next-generation global supply chain technology portfolio, ClearView Audit announced that the company will change its corporate name to SwanLeap.

Asked about the business name change, SwanLeap CEO Brad Hollister said, “the name SwanLeap represents unexpected change, which we call a Black Swan event, and is representative of how we are helping companies leap into the future.” SwanLeap is an improved way of thinking; a solution not based on “rules” for all shipments, domestic and global. Right now, where transportation management systems (TMS) are fragmented and siloed, SwanLeap’s platform offers a connected TMS which impacts an organization’s financial decisions, supply chain operations, customer service, and even sales.

“Companies are waking up to the fact that the TMS technologies they bought to reduce costs are actually killing their profits. The SwanLeap rebrand is timely, as we begin to emerge with leading solutions in new markets both domestically and globally. We feel the current TMS technology providers are under-serving the market and the evolving, global supply chain needs an unprecedented shift in not just the function, but the role of the TMS,” said Hollister. The company revealed the rebrand last month in Atlanta, GA at MODEX, the largest supply chain expo in North and South America.

Founded in 2013, SwanLeap, formerly ClearView Audit, is a leading transportation management systems, shipping technology, and freight payment and auditing firm specializing in supply chain best practices and shipping cost reduction strategies.

In 2017 SwanLeap was listed by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States and the Fastest Growing Company in Wisconsin.

Interested parties can learn more about the products and services offered by SwanLeap on the company website:

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