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We are a leading, NextGen transportation management system (TMS), shipping technology, and freight and parcel auditing firm specializing in supply chain best practices and shipping cost reduction. Fueled by Artificial Intelligence, we offer a solution that is Beyond TMS to improve supply chain processes.

Our platform has created an unexpected shift in supply chains, which we call a Black Swan event, and we help forward-thinking companies leap into the future. You can read more about how we got our name by clicking here.

No one else can do what we do… so that’s pretty special. The magic sauce? Well… we can’t give away all of our secrets, but SwanLeap’s NextGen technology is powered by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Legacy TMSs are based on following static rules – we don’t do that. We gather live data across all modes to show you every option and find you the optimal shipping choice – while improving on human capabilities with efficiency and accuracy.

Eliminate the confusion. Streamline your shipping operations. Gain valuable insight.

All the modes are belong to us.

No seriously… we do it all. Parcel, LTL, Truckload, Intermodal, Air and Ocean… no one has asked about Carrier Pigeon yet, but our developers would love to design a solution!

Our mom taught us to never reveal personal information on the internet.

However… our pricing follows the fairly standard SaaS model with a monthly cost that directly correlates to the size of your organization and how much money we can save you.

One of the most important things to know about how we are priced, is that we don’t gouge you based on the number of users you have. We want our customers to use the product the way it was designed. If Jim is using Betty’s login to book shipments, it gets really hard to hold people accountable and impossible to manage who has access to what. We didn’t want to develop a system meant to provide you with control and clarity… only to put you in the penny pinching position of reducing how we can help.

Besides – no one likes having to talk to the finance department every time you need to add a user.

Unless you are the finance department… in which case, you are wonderful – we really like what you did with that spreadsheet.

The best way to see all that SwanLeap has to offer is to see it in action. Click here for more information about scheduling a free demo.

We are always seeking to add the best and brightest to our team. Visit our careers page to see what current openings are available.

P.S. We’re a lot of fun.

Try this – if that doesn’t work, shoot us a message at beyondTMS@swanleap.com!

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