Social Media Marketing Should Take Center Stage

Social media is an important way to engage with consumers. According to the Pew Research Center, seven out of ten Americans use social media, but often social media marketing is not given the thought, time, or resources it deserves and is treated more as an afterthought.

Here’s some quick advice from Entrepreneur to help you develop and execute your digital marketing campaign and avoid falling into common traps.

1. Rethink Social Extensions
The marketing term social extensions gives off the idea that social media is an extra-credit assignment and not a foundational marketing strategy unto itself. This term also makes social media marketing seem like something always done in response as opposed to being a leading voice in the conversation. Sure, social media is an accessible way to be present with your audience, but it needs to be more than just a cheap way to connect.
While it may be simple and quick to reuse pieces, themes, and stories you already have in your marketing pipeline, new and medium-specific material will yield a better return on investment.

2. Be Consumer-Focused, Always
Your content has to compete with the whole internet… and that’s a lot of competition. You need to produce compelling and unique posts or you’re just wasting time and money. Think: why would someone want to watch/read this? Your content should evoke an emotional response – like making someone laugh out loud – so it’s shared more. Marketing influence is becoming more based on technology with e-commerce and social media usage on the rise.

3. Customize Your Content
Your brand is your story and you have to tell it like nobody else can say it. No one-size-fits-all nonsense. Each social media channel has its own rules of engagement – when you don’t customize content with the venue in mind it’s kind of like showing up for a dinner party just to eat the food and ignoring the conversation. Snapchat and Facebook stories call for vertical video, Instagram is oriented for square ratios, while YouTube and Twitter are best experienced with horizontal content. The effort required to tailor your content to all the differences between the platforms might seem like a downside at first, but it really opens up your marketing to infinite creative possibilities.

Brands have to fight to be heard in an overwhelming media environment. You need targeted content to succeed and make an impression on the internet. The way to make it on social media is found through creating original, sharable content made especially for your consumers and the platforms they use.


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