SwanLeap offers a flexible suite of solutions and services to serve the diverse needs of any business.

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Transportation Management System

SwanLeap uses Artificial Intelligence to power a real-time rapid results engine that delivers live pricing in under one second. Built on true cloud architecture, it integrates with other systems and is infinitely scalable. Learn more.

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Freight Audit and Pay

Suppliers enter their contracts into the system to be price-matched. Our Three-Way Match™ feature analyzes live freight quotes, contracted rates, and each line of the invoice to keep everyone accurate and accountable. Learn more.

SwanLeap Interface Vendor Portal
Transportation Marketplace

SwanLeap uncovers savings by expanding your options. It’s mode and supplier agnostic, so you can build a network of carriers, marketplaces, 3PLs, and brokers — while guaranteeing that you are getting maximum value from everyone. Learn more.

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When you use SwanLeap, analytics are fed back into the system again and again, helping the AI become more efficient. Along the way, you’ll gain valuable insight from the data, like shipping trends and opportunities to save. Learn more.


This isn’t a revolution — it’s an AI-driven evolution of the industry’s best practices.

  • Eliminate address, shipping, billing, and carrier routing errors.
  • Gain real-time visibility into shipping volumes, problems, and business intelligence.
  • View real-time freight accrual, with all invoices stored in the system.
  • Reduce your shipping costs by 10.3%
  • Automate order fulfillment and customer markup logic.
  • Combine and optimize shipments (eg. partial truckloads into full truckloads).
  • Reduce your dependence on single-source transportation providers.
  • Integrate with more than 24,000 freight and parcel carriers.
Ease of use
  • The simple web interface requires no employee training.
  • Set user permissions, monitor activity, and measure performance.
  • SwanLeap integrates seamlessly with ERP and WMS systems.
  • License SwanLeap, with the option of hiring us to run it for you.