Artificial Inteligence


There is currently a major gap in other TMS’s in terms of visibility with real-time carrier updates throughout a company’s supply chain. Gaining visibility of shipments is challenging for many companies, because it requires real-time data from internal systems and suppliers.

SwanLeap’s TMS uses AI technology solutions for complete inbound and carrier tracking visibility. This transparency across the distribution network is essential for optimal transportation execution.


SwanLeap uses AI to boost value through automated decision making. By utilizing SwanLeap’s AI technology, you can rely on intelligent algorithms and analysis of big data. This allows for optimization of deliveries that doesn’t require a human’s input of rules or analysis.

The ability for automated decision-making is vital when applied to transportation management. It provides real-time insights and responses. AI streamlines the entire logistical process, from order to delivery, saving time and money to meet customer demand.



Traditional TMSs have fallen behind as operations and logistics networks have become increasingly complex. Companies continuing to manage their logistics using outdated systems won’t be able to keep up with customer and partner demands to save money and provide better services, and won’t be able to meet their own cost and growth goals.

AI in TMS logistics provides deep insight into customers, carriers, and operations, and has actionable intelligence to allow for real-time decision making. AI analyzes data to make intelligent recommendations. SwanLeap’s AI makes interactions between suppliers, customers, and service providers more automated, intelligent and efficient.

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