case study

Visibility Automation Savings


Founded in 1936 as a non-profit manufacturing operation, LCI has evolved into a “multi-faceted entity”. LC Industries’ (LCI) business capabilities now range from manufacturing and distribution, to retail and e-commerce. Headquartered in Durham, NC, they currently operate two distribution centers, four e-commerce websites, six manufacturing facilities and over 35 retail stores on military bases across the United States. LCI’s mission is to provide training for rewarding careers for people who are blind and visually impaired.

As one of the largest employers of the blind and visually impaired in the United States, LCI is a non-profit corporation involved in the manufacturing, distribution, retail and e-commerce industries.


UniFirst had numerous challenges with inbound shipping to their Owensboro, KY based Distribution Center. These included: supplier compliance, lack of supplier visibility, carrier routing, provider tendering and location based cost coding.


Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), SwanLeap was able to automate the broker’s role in LCI’s supply chain while optimizing routing and generating cost savings.

By deploying SwanLeap’s NextGen TMS LCI gained live control and visibility of all shipments and processes.

LCI expanded their carrier network by eliminating the capacity and availability limitations of working with a broker and embracing SwanLeap’s mode-agnostic approach to shipping.

  • By connecting their TMS with inbound, outbound, warehouse, and customer order level visibility, they reduced inventory by 5-12%.
  • Review of previous invoices uncovered $2M in profits
  • Employee time saved through automation of processes
  • Increased number of carrier options

SwanLeap’s technology uncovered $2M in profit by removing 3PL blanket rates.