Control Tower Visibility



Shippers with complex supply chains know that different business units in their company are isolated and operate independently. Executives overseeing numerous shipping locations need centralized visibility into all locations–they need a control tower to give them control and visibility of their supply chain in real time.

SwanLeap’s TMS gives you a control tower for visibility of worldwide shipping across all modes of transportation, vendors, and business locations, down to the user level.



Flexibility from real-time analytics and alerts  is one of the most important benefits from control tower visibility of your supply chain. Our centralized control tower facilitates a robust provider network, enabling shippers to automatically choose the best carrier for their shipments.

SwanLeap’s centralized control tower visibility allows for the exclusion of under-performing providers and the inclusion of new providers as a real-time function.



The results of real-time supply chain data have an incredible impact on a business. Control-tower visibility–real-time carrier performance, routing exceptions, shipping errors, customer service, vendor compliance, and freight accrual–has a major influence on all aspects of a company’s operations, from which vendor’s products are purchased to policies for how salespeople mark up freight.

There are infinite possibilities to what can be done with live data gathered from the real-time visibility SwanLeap’s centralized control tower.

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