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We'll make sure your carriers are paid accurately and on time.

SwanLeap’s freight bill payment & auditing service is streamlined with automation. We’ll also analyze your shipping invoices, for every carrier and mode, to find recoverable charges — and then contact carriers to recover the credits you’re owed. Our freight pay & audit software can stop you from overpaying, or paying for services you aren’t receiving and help you improve business relations with carriers, to win you preferred shipper status.

3561 compare

Compare invoices to price quotes and contract rates

3561 company

Integrate with your internal financial applications

3651 warning

Present detailed rate exceptions, aggregated in one place

3561 checkmark

Ensure you pay the correct rate, accessorials, and surcharges

3561 connection

Keep track of actual, line-item expenses for ERP financial reporting

3561 calculator

Calculate your true cost per shipment, down to the line-item level


Intelligent technology that brings peace of mind.

Real-Time Freight Accruals

We monitor real-time freight accrual to gauge overall supply chain performance. All shipments are accounted for to ensure accurate GL coding and closing of each period’s books.

3-Way Freight Audit

We use 3-Way Match technology to analyze invoices and ensure that quoted, contracted, and invoiced charges match.

Live Monitoring

We keep track of the status on all carrier payments, with the ability to view and sort the status of each invoice in real time by division, company, and invoice group.

Live Parcel Audit

We monitor each shipment in real-time, to report issues affecting a scheduled delivery — including where the delay occurred and what the issue was.