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Transportation Management

A truly neutral supply chain partner.

SwanLeap’s complete TMS platform explores every option available ensuring our clients’ ability to make the best decision on every single shipment.

Artificial Intelligence

Efficiency through intelligent automation

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SwanLeap’s TMS solution fills a void found in other Transportation Management Systems.

In more traditional transportation asset management systems, it’s impossible to acquire true real-time data from suppliers and internal systems — let alone analyze it and process the results in seconds.

SwanLeap’s use of Artificial Intelligence makes the impossible possible. Real-time visibility opens the door to complete supply chain optimization.

AI streamlines the entire logistical process, from sourcing to delivery. Interactions between suppliers, customers, and service providers become automated and streamlined. This saves you time and money, while meeting customer demands.

Plus, SwanLeap gets better all the time. Results and supply chain analytics are fed back into the system and analyzed, informing the system how to continuously improve its performance.

As operations and logistics networks become increasingly complex, outdated systems aren’t able to keep up. According to MHI, the current adoption rate for AI is only 6%, but is projected to reach 47% by 2023.


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Supply Chain’s Digital Future

Moon bases and personal robots may still be the stuff of science fiction, but the future has arrived for supply chain management software. Forecasting and planning are being supplanted by the real-time capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

This innovation won’t replace people, but it will shift efforts from the labor of complicated logistics to the meaningful task of making decisions based on the options presented, with complete confidence.

Efficiencies, cost cutting, and improved analytics are just the beginning. Full automation — from customizing barcodes, to tendering shipments, to contract audits — means unprecedented control over your supply chain. With industry intelligence built-in, you no longer have to depend on the knowledge of others to get measurable results for your business.

Imagine a fully connected TMS which protects an organization’s financial decisions, optimizes supply chain operations, improves customer service, and even allows sales to turn freight into a profit center. Many of these simple concepts are unheard of and having a system not based on manually entered “business rules” is unthinkable… until now.

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All modes, all the time: the mode-agnostic advantage

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