Our Carrier Contract & Consulting Services

Negotiating carrier contracts can be overwhelming.

And the process is designed to be difficult, so you won’t do it often.

SwanLeap’s freight consulting & freight negotiation service ensures that your carrier contracts are negotiated fairly and often. Our supply chain experts will fight for your bottom line, and all of the terms and conditions you deserve. Leveraging our experience, data, and proprietary algorithms, we have successfully negotiated $3.85B in savings for our clients.

With SwanLeap, the carrier rates and all of the associated data belong to you. We play a neutral role in your supply chain and provide you as much transparency as possible through our supply chain management software. Using AI, we can replicate a carrier’s cost-to-serve model, so we’ll know if they are making more than a reasonable profit margin at your expense.

Transparency is priceless.

When you work with a broker or third party logistics firm, they own the freight bill. You don’t know the rates that have been negotiated or the markups you’re paying to middlemen. You also can’t see the rebate program, recovery of claims, discounts earned, performance tracking, or service refunds

Meet your extended team.

When you hire SwanLeap, you’re adding 80 people to your team — people with industry knowledge informed by $500m in annual freight spend, and a shared goal to protect your interests. Together, we can get extraordinary results for your business.



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