Why SwanLeap?


Automate complex decisions across your entire supply chain.

Our modern and intuitive solutions, fueled by Artificial Intelligence, give you the power and freedom to leverage your data to solve day to day challenges, generate transportation savings, and improve your customers’ experience.

Shipping can be complicated and inefficient.

SwanLeap makes it easy.

Eliminate the confusion. Streamline your shipping operations. Gain valuable insight.

Other TMSs written during a legacy era, with now archaic technology, act as a very expensive label maker. The goal is to receive orders, look-up rates, apply business rules and generate a label. Our NextGen functionality, through the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, CANNOT be performed by any other TMS platform on the market. TMSs in the market have admitted their limitations and inability to compete as evidenced by partnering with companies who cover the gaps they are missing. This solution fragmentation costs users both in terms of cost and performance.

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